I am a nature photographer and writer focused on the African continent and the developing world.

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I was born and grew up on a densely forested and snake infested peninsula in Hong Kong. Back then it was a jungle area surrounding a sheltered bay complete with a tiny fishing village, mudflats, mangroves, and mountains. As all small boys should, I spent my days bathed in mud, tramping through the jungle with my dog, or sailing to the islands off the coast in various home-made rafts.

I loved the jungle clad slopes and beaches of my home as well as the beautiful sea surrounding Hong Kong's many basalt islands and deserted beaches. I explored every bit of it and photographed it as often as I could.

My love of the sea never left me but after many years spent sailing the oceans both as a racer and for recreation I have moved inland and to another world. One of wide vistas and wider deserts, mountains and plains filled with wildlife.

These days, I combine my love of nature, photography and exploration. I spend most of my free time travelling to dusty corners of Southern Africa in my Landrover, Basil, mainly just to see what’s there.

My aim in my photography, travel and writing, is to depict Africa with a conservationists’ slant. For as my childhood hero, Jacques Cousteau said;

“People protect what they love”.

I want the world to fall in love with African nature, to treasure it, just as I have done, before it slips away into history.

Some of my photography can be found in my portfolio and much more of it on my blog and my Facebook Page.

Alternatively, if you are interested in African travel, nature or photography in general, please drop me a line – I’d love hear from you!