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Taking the time to think about which images and which rooms go together is important. I've been there myself, focusing more on the printed image than the space I would hang it in. The more I've printed, the more I have learned....

It cannot all be about the image, artwork and a space for art, are two sides of the same coin.


Ready to hang Canvas Prints

Wall Art-121538.jpg

These ready-to-hang canvas prints are wonderful value for money when it comes to transforming the look of your home. I've found that generally, it is better not to get seduced by the image in the photograph itself but rather to try to find a picture that appeals to you personally and complements the design space.

If you can find a complementary colour scheme or accessorise around it the whole effect will be captivating. It doesn't take much to add the connection between the picture and its space.

Obviously, in our own homes, we tend to hang images with special meanings - pictures of family etc... However, in rental properties, bed and breakfasts, hotels we need to make different choices! This kind of print is ideal and will help tie the decor of the whole room together!


Wall Art-122239.jpg