My Camera Gear

As a nature photographer with an interest in film, video & time-lapse, I use a wide range of gear; definitely far more than is good for me!

Quite often, when on a trip, I will be videoing my experiences, making a motion time-lapse and photographing landscapes or wildlife all at the same time.

Basil. (Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii & Ilford Delta 100)

When I started out, 30 years ago, I used Pentax film and then digital cameras. In 2014 I moved to Canon because of the range of lenses available.

At the moment I am shooting the Canon 5D mark iii, Canon 7D mark ii and I use an older 60D for time-lapses. I’ve decided not to upgrade for a while because these two bodies are work horses and do everything I need.

Recently, two things have changed: My eyesight is deteriorating and I am more interested in video - so I am looking for a Mirrorless body with EVF and I’m watching developments for a pro version of the Canon EOS R which I hope will have a faster frame rate. I’m also interested in the small M50 (I have since bought this and use it with an 11-22mm for vlogging).

Either way my next camera is likely to be mirrorless.

More generally, I feel lenses are better buys than cameras and try not to get sucked into marketing hype.


Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii + 180mm lens

Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii + 180mm lens

  • Sigma 14-24 F2.8 (Astro & landscape)

  • Canon 16-35 F4 L IS

  • Canon 24-105 F4 L IS

  • Canon TSE 24, 45 & 90mm

  • Canon 50mm F1.8 ii

  • Canon 100 F2.8 USM Macro

  • Canon 100-400 F4-5.6 L IS ii

  • Canon 400mm F2.8 L IS ii

  • Canon EFIII 1.4 & 2.0 Teleconverters

My DIY time-lapse rig

My DIY time-lapse rig


  • Gitzo GT2531 + Kirk Ball Head and 'L' Bracket

  • Nodal Ninja 4 Panoramic Head

  • Lee Graduated ND Filters and Polarisers

  • Canon 600EX-RT Flash & Beamer

  • Gimpro Door Mount & Gimbal

  • Gitzo 5542LS Tripod & Benro S6 Fluid Head


  • Mamiya RZ67ii Pro Medium Format

  • 55, 110, 180 & 360mm lenses

  • Sekonic L-758DR Light meter


  • Home made programmable 90cm motorised Time Lapse Rail

  • Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal (used mostly with the GoPro)

  • Canon M50 Mirrorless + 11-22mm lens

  • GoPro Hero 5 Black & ND filters

  • iPhone & gimbal

  • Syrp Genie Mini panning head

  • Rode Video Micro & Smart Lav

  • Zoom H5