Commercial Work


I typically do work for travel destinations and lodges. Particularly for marketing purposes - websites, brochures, and editorial pieces (with writing).

Please get in touch regarding your projects!


Sunrise from a balloon

What a fantastic way to spend the morning! Taking shots of a fleet of balloons over a game reserve.


360 degree panoramas

One of a series of 360 degree, 3 row panoramas completed for a situation based iPad app/game.

I am sure you can image the difficulty of capturing this busy scene at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens without any people appearing! Especially once you consider that it is a stitched image combining 54 individual frames.

Interior of self-catering lodge

I use a range of specialist Tilt-Shift lenses and panorama equipment for my larger format landscape photography. This equipment also happens to be ideal for photographing architecture and interiors.

Achieving the wide angle of view needed for interiors is very difficult with normal lenses as they distort the foreground and make the rooms look very unnatural. Using a Tilt-Shift lens and nodal panoramic head allows me to present the rooms as they would appear to the eye, without ugly perspective distortions. Note the vertical lines in this shot all stay vertical and the foreground elements are not pulled into weird polygonal shapes.


Panorama Interior Gorge Cottage