Creative Photography eBooks

The Photographer's Coach

An inspiring look at the art behind photography. In a search for inspiration, technical ability and vision, Robin Whalley hits upon a creative framework to help photographers take their work further.

Complete with exercises and useful advice to improve the quality of ones work. Where most books concentrate on the technical aspects of photography, this one still remembers that it is an art.

Learning Landscape Photography from the Masters of Painting

This eBook is a little different focusing on painting techniques that aid in composition. The ability of painters to construct the landscape in terms of composition, tone and colour offers a major insight to photographers who have to work with the landscape and lighting that they are given. Learning how artists construct images is very useful because, as photographers, we have significantly less exposure to constructed shots and therefore far less insight and experience of great compositions and management of light and texture.

Insights from Beyond the Lens

An holistic approach to nature and landscape photography based on Robert Rodriguez Jr's popular blog posts