Image Enhancement, Sharpening & Printing

by Will Goodlet - 01/09/2017

I have found these books to be very useful in developing my own photography and have no hesitation in recommending these authors and books. The best thing is that they can all be downloaded and read on your smartphone or PC - I love the internet!!!

Go check them out!

The Photographer's Guide to Image Sharpening in Lightroom

Robin Whalley is one of my favourite authors for technical writing. He concisely walks through the subjects and provides deep and significant knowledge to assist you in your workflow. It's not the typical flim-flam eBook offering!

This is the best book I have read on sharpening, at $6 (R80) it is a no brainer!

Perfect Prints Every Time

Another Brilliantly simple ebook by Robin Whalley. Perfect Prints Every Time, is aimed at those of us who need to understand the intricacies and pitfalls of photographic printing.

In typically excellent prose well-suited to serious amateurs, the book will leave you with a firm grasp of how to prepare your images for printing perfectly, either on your own equipment or at a printer.

Essential Colour Management

Not only does this book spell 'colour' correctly, it also offers a refreshing insight into how to accurately reproduce colours on your monitor or printer.

There are plenty of examples and coherent explanations of what can be a fairly dry technical subject.  In typically straightforward style, Robin Whalley makes a complex subject easy for mere mortals to understand!

Photoshop Layers: Professional Strength Image Editing

In yet another of his 'Lightweight Photographer' series of eBooks, Robin Whalley takes us through the complex subject of using layers to enhance images in Adobe Photoshop.

It's clear, to the point and easy to understand. The examples always help to make sense of a very powerful tool for improving the quality of your post-processing and image making.

Image Sharpening

This book by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe is the 'the business' on image sharpening. It is a comprehensive and detailed look at how, why and when to sharpen an image and what tools to use.

It addresses factors that degrade sharpness and how to manage noise. This one is for serious nerds but I would totally recommend it. After reading it, your images will be in a different league!