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  • 20 interactive hand-drawn maps
  • 20 points of interest
  • App-like navigation designed for today's smartphones and tablets
  • Interactive field guide with 67 species
  • The best times and seasons to visit
  • Photo tips and techniques
  • Comprehensive start-to-finish photographic case studies from capture to final edit
  • Over an hour of FREE post processing video tutorials for case studies
  • Meet some talented photographers in the Guide Portfolio and find out what inspires them to keep coming back..
  • Free access to productivity tools designed for South African photographers
  • Post your own work in the Guide Web Gallery
  • No internet required for normal use
  • No pop-ups or annoying adverts anywhere! Proudly Ad free.
  • Join the Photographer's guide Facebook group for more insights



180+ Pages • Type: Interactive PDF • Compatible with iPhone/iPad (use iBooks app) • Compatible with Andorid phones and Tablets (use Adobe PDF reader) • Compatible with Windows phones (use Adobe PDF reader)

! Recommended that you download to your computer and copy the guide to your smartphone or tablet.


Use the innovative 'quicknav' to menu to navigate around the book like a phone app. All the data is stored on your phone - so there are no expensive data charges.

Hand-drawn Interactive maps

20 hand-drawn maps hold hot-spots which you can tap to learn more. Use the handy back button to quickly return to the main map and explore some more,


Wildlife and Bird Reference

Refer to the wildlife reference for info on 60+ species of mammals and birds found at Rietvlei.


Comprehensive Case Studies

In-depth case studies are a great way to learn about wildlife and how to get better shots of it.

Featuring detailed discussion from capture through to post-processing - You will find out, not only how the shot was made but details on equipment used, the pro's and con's of each item. Specialised techniques, full video covering the post-processing of each case study and advice on how you can achieve similar shots.


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