Photo of the Month

Each month I choose a favourite photograph and tell the story of how I came to take it.

 Made from 6 light frames by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.8.0.  Algorithm: Min Horizon Noise

August 2019 - Enchantment under the Stars

I don’t get the opportunity to photograph the night sky very often but I love doing it.

There’s nothing quite like being alone on a mountainside in the early hours of the morning, far from people and the troubles we manufacture.

Looking up at the stars brings me comfort in the realisation that I only have one job.

After all the joy and grief, the sickness or health, the work, the striving, the yearning and the wants, I still only have one job.

It’s a simple one.

To be alive. And with this life, to look out on the world and truly see it.

Once I do this, as Van Gogh said, “then life seems almost enchanted after all.”

So here’s a picture of what I saw. A lonely and enchanted place, under the stars.


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