April 2019 - The Autumn Grasslands

A family portrait

A family portrait

The autumn grasslands…

This is one of the images that I had hoped to take this autumn.

By the end of the year in South Africa, the grasses have grown long on the Highveld and stand a metre or more high in the gentle autumn breezes.

Capturing animals in this amazing setting - like a sea of gold - has long been an ambition of mine. I was particularly interested to capture Eland, Africa’s largest antelope, amongst the grasses.

During the course of two months I only managed to photograph these magnificent animals twice! This is my favourite by a hair.

It was photographed using a Canon 5D mark iii and an 800mm focal length. The curious animals only looked at me briefly before burying their heads once again, deep in the grass.

I was delighted to find them with one of Rietvlei’s classic rolling hills behind and also with a patch of sunlight and shadow to add depth and interest to the shot.